Telrod Cove, Alaska (United States)

Telrod Cove, Alaska (United States), Telrod Cove Information

Telrod Cove, Alaska (United States)

Coordinates: 57.6519444°N, -153.6316667°W
USGS Topo Map Quad: Kodiak C-5
Feature Type: Bay

Telrod Cove, Alaska (United States) is in the Bays category for Kodiak Island County in the state of Alaska. Telrod Cove is displayed on the Kodiak C-5 USGS quad topo map.

Anyone who is interested in visiting Telrod Cove can print the free topographic map and street map using the link above. The latitude and longitude coordinates of Telrod Cove are 57.6519444, -153.6316667 and the approximate elevation is unknown feet (unknown meters) above sea level. If you have visited Telrod Cove before, you are invited to submit a review of your experience in the comments box below.

The Spiridon Lake sockeye salmon stocking project was initiated in 1991 in cooperation between the Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) and the Kodiak Regional Aquaculture Association (KRAA

Spiridon Lake (57°40′ N lat, 153°39′ W long) is located on the northwest side of Kodiak Island in the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge, approximately 74 km southwest of the City of Kodiak. The lake is 9.6 km long, up to 1.6 km wide, and has a surface area of 9.2 km2.

Spiridon Lake is at an elevation of 136 m, has a mean depth of 35 m, and a maximum depth of 82 m. The Spiridon Lake outlet stream (Telrod Creek) is approximately 2 km long and empties into Telrod Cove.

Telrod Creek has three waterfalls that are impassable to anadromous fish. Two waterfalls are located approximately 0.8 km downstream of the lake outlet, and a third waterfall, located near the stream terminus, blocks salmon from migrating further upstream.

Resident fish in Spiridon Lake include: rainbow trout O. mykiss, Dolly Varden char Salvenlinus malma, threespine stickleback Gasterosteus aculeatus, and freshwater sculpin Cottus aleuticus.

The Pillar Creek hatchery has reared sockeye salmon from a Saltery Lake broodstock for release in Spiridon Lake.

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